Switchboard Manufacturing

We are able to design and build site specific electrical switchboards up to 7000A fully type tested. We can also design and build boards for national projects requiring high quality and fast output for ongoing installations across multiple sites. We have a large portfolio of satisfied clients, follow the link to view their case studies.

The Advantages of SEDAC Custom Design

New Main Switchboards Can Includes Voltage Optimisers and More

Switch rooms are often built around the original switchboards designed for buildings. Thus switch rooms usually do not have much space spare for new technology and equipment, such as voltage optimisers which can have a large footprint. Additionally, delivery of new switchboards into rooms that do not have direct outdoor access can prove very difficult since switchboards do not often fit around tight corners and through narrow doorways.

For these situations, a great option is to upgrade your capital equipment with a  customer design that  suits your site and incorporates energy efficient technology.

SEDAC provided Power Intelligence and Richmond Library with a new integrated main switchboard design. This cutting edge design provided Richmond Library with an easy solution to upgrade their existing main switchboard and  incorporate voltage optimisation technology.

The existing switchboard was in a small room that had no extra space to accommodate a new voltage optimiser. The new switchboard was designed to accommodate all existing circuit requirements, incorporate a voltage optimiser, and fit into the existing space. The old switchboard was dismantled and the new one installed in a single day!


New Switchboards into Existing Switch Rooms: Planning for Tough Deliveries

Buildings are designed to meet the needs of the expected tenants. Switchboards are usually put on site early in the construction process, and oftentimes the room is then built around the switchboard once it is in place. This construction process means that many switchboards that need to be replaced are in very small rooms with little extra space for new equipment or new switchboards. Also, these small rooms are often at the end of narrow corridors.

SEDAC has seen thousands of switchboard rooms and knows the challenge of replacing existing switchboards. Using decades of experience, SEDAC is able to design switchboards that can be delivered into tight spaces while still providing exceptional functionality and safety to customers.


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