LED & T5 Lighting Upgrades and Projects

TUBEHVFUSEBusinesses all over Australia are taking advantage of the increasingly competitive prices of LED light fittings. SEDAC is an expert installer of LED lighting in stores, factories, and in supermarkets, including installing LED lighting in the refrigeration cases.

SEDAC has also installed new T5 fittings and tubes into commercial and industrial spaces for customers.

Project Services: Upgrading Lighting Across Multiple Sites

SEDAC has managed installation of new lighting across multiple sites for single customers. In 2013, SEDAC installed new LED lighting into 96 stores for a major food retailer in only a few months. SEDAC’s project services included auditing the sites to determine the number of lights required, liaising with the LED supplier to determine how many stores could be completed each month based on anticipated supply. SEDAC determined how each month’s quantities should be divided across multiple states to ensure the maximum number of stores were completed as quickly as possible. Counts and records of faulty tubes were kept and provided to the customer for them be able to easily manage the returns to the supplier. The project was a great success with all the store managers happy with the communication provided and the head office happy with the efficient and cost-effective project delivery.

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