Installation of Voltage Optimisers and Energy Management Solutions

SEDAC is the most experienced installer of voltage optimisers in Australia. SEDAC  has installed for the following customers:

  • Over 300  Coles Supermarkets from 2011 through 2014
  • Several councils in QLD, VIC and NSW, including the City of Sydney, Yarra City and Moreland City Council
  • RSLs including Bexley RSL
  • Shopping Centres in NSW and NT, including Yeperenye Shopping Centre and ISPT Richmond Shopping Centre
  • Many more

The installation of voltage optimisers can be incredibly complex and requires thorough knowledge of all supply authority regulations, metering regulations and switchboard regulations. SEDAC has more experience than any other electrical contractor in Australia. All SEDAC installations are designed to meet all regulatory requirements while also being cost effective and well-suited to the installation location.

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