New Switchboards: Things to Consider

Most Buildings Do Not Build In Extra Space

Buildings are designed to meet the needs of the expected tenants. Switchboards are usually put on site early in the construction process, and oftentimes the room is then built around the switchboard once it is in place. This construction process means that many switchboards that need to be replaced are in very small rooms with little extra space for new equipment or new switchboards. Also, these small rooms are often at the end of narrow corridors.

SEDAC has seen thousands of switchboard rooms and knows the challenge of replacing existing switchboards. Using decades of experience, SEDAC is able to design switchboards that can be delivered into tight spaces while still providing exceptional functionality and safety to customers.

SEDAC visited this site to measure the existing switch board room and measure the width of the hallway, the doors leading to the switchboard room and the staircase outside of the building.

 The customer received a custom designed switchboard that could be fit together on site and provide them with the control and electrical functionality they needed.

 The attention that SEDAC gives to planning, measuring, and verification of all the customer’s requirements means customers avoid unexpected costs and avoid expensive delays.

 With delivery partners that make sure the delivery happens when promised and ensures any special equipment, including cranes, trolleys and more are on site, SEDAC provides a smooth delivery.


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